Our Vision

At Procare Solar we believe it is all about you. We have acquired products and services which are exceptional in quality and performance.


We believe that you will agree once you experience the benefit and pleasure of our products and services.


Give us a call and we will gladly assist or advise you on the best and most economical solution for your individual needs and preferences.

Our Solution

ProCare Solar design, supply and install Solar Thermal & Solar Electric (P.V.), LP Gas, Pumps, LED for commercial applications and advanced Plumbing Systems from South Africa & Europe.


We can custom design energy solutions according to client's specific requirements. Whether you have a specific need or an idea you believe will work, we can design and put it all together perfectly.


Our hybrid systems are very popular, combining different technologies for optimal efficiency and shortest possible return-on-investment period.


Our solutions are used internationally with measurable results.


Our client portfolio is mostly referral- based, as we do very little public marketing. Ask around.

Our Service

The energy systems that we offer are made of excellent materials according to international standards and have the certifications, test reports  and reference projects to confirm their quality.


These are highly aesthetic systems, which are installed to blend in with the traditional and modern architecture of a building and to provide economically heated hot water the whole year round. Even in regions with low sunlight conditions the water is preheated, which contributes to a drastically reduced consumption of conventional energy.


We're all about thermal technology and solutions. 

Services & Products: 

Solar Water Heating

LP Gas Systems and Appliances
Gas Combi Systems (Solar plus Gas)
Pool Heating (Solar  / Heat Pump)
Plumbing (Specialised)

Solar Electric P.V. Inverter Systems

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Circulation & Booster Pumps


We love our products and believe you will too!

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